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Benefits Of Ordering Online

Increase Orders

Studies have shown that restaurants that do online ordering increases business.

Reach New Customers

KariBites puts your restaurant online, where hungry customers can find it.

Engage Customers

Get new customers by offering coupons and reward loyal customers to keep them coming back.

Cutting Edge Tech

Empower your customers to order what they want, how they want, when they want.

Improve your customer experience

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With online ordering, you'll never miss an order because of a busy line.

Boost your restaurant's efficiency

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With online ordering, you'll spend more time making orders instead of taking orders.

How KariBites Online Ordering Works

Customers Make Orders On The KariBites Platform

Customers can browse your menu, select items for order and provide special instructions.

KariBites sends the order to your restaurant

Your restaurant will receive the order information, your team can work on preparing the order for the customer.

Pickup Or Delivery

Customers can pick up their order or your driver/KariBites driver delivers the order to your customer.

Customer enjoys your delicious food.

Your customer enjoys their order and shares their awesome experience with friends and family.

2017 CTEP Winners

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The Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Programme CTEP is an online startup incubator programme for startups in the caribbean.